In red

It was a strange choice that Newport made to release a non-green cigarette line. They used to appeal to the Kool line of thinking. As in, your cigarette should be refreshing. No more – now it should be hot and make you think of deserts, I guess.

Anyhow, mostly I wanted to talk about who smokes. One of my best buddies in high school still smokes. (I haven’t spoken with him in a few years, but I think he still does.) So he taught me to not judge those who smoke. (He’s a great guy.)

Yes, I know cigarettes will kill you. Smokers understand that too, but they choose to go on with the habit.

I think of many minimum wage workers who congregate in the mandatory 60 feet away from the entrance zone from the doorway to their workplace. It’s a break from the tedium of their job. Even if it kills them, they won’t die of boredom.

My heart goes out to them. Maybe they are locked into that job. Maybe there is no other choice.


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  1. Just as the lottery system is a “tax on the poor,” since the poor spend a disproportionate amount of their income on lottery tickets, so is smoking also that way. Not that there aren’t middle and upper class people who smoke, and by lottery tickets, but these vices hit the poor hardest. Although in the case of smoking, it hits all of us who pay (official) taxes, since it increases health care costs.

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