A daring step

I had never seen that before – a man on the cover of Good Housekeeping.

I asked Heather if that cover would appeal to her more than their normal cover, showing a female good housekeeper. She said a female.

Why? Maybe because she can relate with the woman more than with Dr. Oz.

In any case, I thought it was a noble experiment for Good Housekeeping to put a man on their cover. (I was unable to contact their editorial staff to find out if newsstand sales dropped for the April 2011 issue, but my guess is that it did.)

What small act of daring can you do today? Even if you fail, the risk might reveal new things you would not have known otherwise. (And I admit that my headline was a teaser – Good Housekeeping’s move was not as daring as putting Gaddafi on their cover.)


3 Replies to “A daring step”

  1. except it’s Dr Oz. So he is a draw. What is more telling is that he isn’t blond. As you look through their covers, the women are most often blond

  2. It would be really interesting to know how their sales figures for this issue compare with 2 issues before and 2 issues after. Dr. Oz, though, is (well, OK, was when I was last in the US for any length of time) a consistent return figure on the morning news talk shows, Oprah (I think, though I only watched Oprah once or twice in 4 years), and has written a number of books that would seem to me to appeal to female readers (though, what do I, as a guy, know about that?).

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