Fun for your Friday, number 3

not-make-upI did not make this stuff up.

At left, the “NeckPro Traction Device” ($55) and at right, the “Head Spa Massager” ($50). Both are courtesy of our friends over at SkyMall.


6 Replies to “Fun for your Friday, number 3”

  1. what would we do without skymall? how would we toast our hotdog buns and warm our hotdogs in ONE CONVENIENT APPLIANCE?!?

    best part of flying, hands down. also, as a Chiropractor, I have to caution against any sort of traction device sold on airplanes lol.

  2. MBack when I was a kid my dad totally had the devise on the left that pulled your head up. He had a bad neck, probably a pinched disc, so that contraption did take some pressure off. Now a days he would have done some yoga to lengthen his spine!

    1. It just looks like there is no way it could really work – too much plastic.

      I’m sure your dad’s device was more “real”.

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