Feeling guilty on a Saturday

No one else was home.

That meant I could stream the crazy music I enjoy, at volume, without bothering anyone.

And then I started to feel guilty.

Not about the music I was listening to…¬† but about the luxury of being able to listen to music in a house with no shared walls.

I remembered living in Kenya Рwhen I felt guilty about having a microwave oven, knowing that it represented about ten times the average monthly wage of many around me.


3 Replies to “Feeling guilty on a Saturday”

  1. Turn it up loud enough to permeate the walls, and then open the door to all who will come…and serve an endless bag of microwave popcorn! #community #sharing #joy

  2. God didn’t give you that nice house, no shared walls, and a day all to yourself to make you feel guilty. Stop that!
    Seriously, we do need to remember that those around us may not have what we have, and do what we can to help those who need help. But we also need to be grateful for what God gives us, and not feel guilty about enjoying it.
    I’ve been going through some health issues, and was reminded at church a couple weeks ago to be grateful for all that I have, and not focus on the things I don’t have. It’s made life a little easier right now!

    1. Thanks Deb.

      Sometimes I have an overactive conscience.

      And you hint at a really good thing to do – taking my eyes off others – whether below or above me in the economic spectrum.

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