A really really bad car

Nissan recently came out with a two-door convertible SUV – the Murano CrossCabriolet. It gets bad fuel economy, carries little, performs poorly, looks ugly, is hard to see out of and doesn’t do off-road very well. And it looks ugly.

A reflection of how hard this vehicle is to categorize is that Car & Driver magazine and Automobile magazine both gave it really unusual reviews. One was an epic poem – “The Oddity”. The other was a Q & A, in which the reviewers asked, “Does it do this well?” for 4 different categories, and the answer in every case was: “No.”

(My apologies if you just bought one. And also, please know that I have nothing against the regular Murano.)

The photo came from Car & Driver magazine.


3 Replies to “A really really bad car”

  1. The regular Murano’s a pretty cool car. I wouldn’t get one myself because like most SUVs it isn’t space-efficient, but my late dad and stepmom got one a year and a half ago, and it’s a really nice car.

    1. Yes, it’s shocking the difference between those two vehicles. Regular Murano? Nice. CrossCabriolet? Not.

  2. Excuse my rank, but what the hell-o? WHY is everyone STILL driving an SUV??

    I have no idea WHAT is wrong with SUV drivers. Just please, get IN a Mazda 3 or a five-speed Honda Fit for a few weeks. (I’m not even asking about any of those LIBERAL battery cars!) What will you lose out on? All I can think of is “being bigger” and being able to see into other people’s cars. You can drive them in the winter, in the snow (just swap with some snow tires) and you can put heaps in them. You can spend HALF as much or more on gas, haul your kayak or your bikes, or skis on top. No you can’t use it to pull your fifth wheel. But why would ANYONE own a fifth wheel anyway?

    ERRRRR.. SUVs are stupid. The end.

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