I am thankful

Trader Joe’s is in Colorado. I’m thankful. They’ve been with us for a while now (two or three years), and they are a mighty fine store.

Decent value pricing, often healthy ingredients, a wide variety of flavors not available at the big chain supermarkets – and tasty food.

Even though I’m an anti-junk mail person, I love their flyers. Creative writing abounds. And they are effective – I often buy stuff as a result. One time I even cut out the little built-in shopping list and checked the stuff I wanted and bought most of the items the next time I was in the store.

The only thing about Trader Joe’s I’m happy/sad about is that there is one on my way home from work… it’s all too easy to┬ámake a detour and buy little snacks I really don’t need.

Take time to be thankful today for something in your life. It worked for me. (I was going to write a complainy blog post – but I listened to my own blog post from last week, Positive.)


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  1. We’ve had TJ’s for a very long time, of course (their main office is about 20 minutes from me). But there was quite awhile, maybe back in the 80s or 90s, when there was no store close to me. Since then they’ve been expanding into new markets, and now there are three stores within easy driving distance from my house.

    I love their flyer, and I often use the little shopping list. The funny drawings are a treat, and their product descriptions make me want to buy everything! A couple of my ongoing favorites are their Pork Gyozo and their Mushroom Medley, both frozen. And I often buy their salads – practically live on them when the weather’s in the 100s.

    I do sometimes wonder about the pricing on their produce. If I pay 39 cents for a banana, is that better than 59 cents a pound at another market? I’ve never taken the time to compare.

    We’ve had other specialty markets come and go – Aldi is the newest one just getting started – but TJ’s seems to be firmly entrenched and people love it! Me, too!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Deb. I didn’t know the HQ was so close to you!

      I love their salads too & will have to try their Pork Gyozo and their Mushroom Medley.

      Did you know that Aldi’s & Trader Joe’s are related? Article.

      And funny enough, bananas are 19c at my TJs – but I’m sure avocados are more at mine!

  2. You know, I’d forgotten til you mentioned it that Aldi and TJ’s are related. They are very different types of stores. Aldi is advertised as being very inexpensive, but for the things I buy, I haven’t really noticed that much difference.

    (And my banana example was just pulling numbers out of the air.)

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