A sad passing

Smart Car Denver is closed.

They tried. America just wasn’t ready for a car that was much smaller than a Toyota Prius but did not get as much fuel economy.

I was sad. It’s a fun car. I would never buy one, but the idea that someone could was a good thing.


4 Replies to “A sad passing”

  1. Hey Paul,

    What do you think of the new Fiat 500? I saw one last week at our local ice cream stand. Way cool. The drive, who I didn’t know, but talked to anyway, said he loved it. Used to own the old ones, waited two years for this one which he’s now had four weeks. He really enjoys it.


    1. I love the new 500 – very fun car. In comparison tests, the Mini wins, though.

      They’re distributed in limited locations in the USA, for now.

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