Lost their way

Not long from now, you’ll be seeing a Mini SUV on the road. As in, Mini Cooper.

It’s just wrong.

Focus… stick to what your core strength is. My guess is that they will sell about twenty. (I am joking – but I do not think that this will be their most popular model.)

It gets as little as 20 mpg. It’s 16″ longer and 6″ taller. If you will remember back to when the Mini was reintroduced (2001), the idea was to have a sporting car that got decent fuel economy. No more.

My take? Buy a used Mini and a used Toyota RAV instead. Then you will have your SUV – and what God intended – a fun, sporty car. All for less than the $29,000 starting price of a new Mini Cooper Countryman AWD.

Photo courtesy of Road & Track magazine.


5 Replies to “Lost their way”

  1. I had the opportunity to test drive one of these at MINI Takes The States LA. They’re not at all as bad as you’re expecting. In-fact, it drove almost identically to my MINI-S (if not better).

    To anybody with predispositions, I challenge you to test drive one and experience the FUN of driving!

    1. I’m glad it’s still fun to drive.

      They may have made the driving experience similar, but they didn’t do that for the fuel economy. Oh well – can’t have everything!

      1. MINI has actually been working on Electric, Diesel and 3-cylinder engine cars that are soon to be released. Don’t worry, they haven’t lost their way yet!

        PS. I’m guessing the Countryman is targeted more towards those of us who modify our cars for performance, because that’s the last thing we’re worried about.

  2. Great reminder, James – it’s a WONDERFUL thing that the whole world does not think like I do.

    There are some amazing cars out there that have really poor fuel economy.

  3. My 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan consistently gets 20-22 mpg, regardless of where I’m driving. A little better on the highway. There’s no sense to smaller cars that don’t do any better than that.

    Most SUVs are a scam; way more power and suspension than most people really need, and who needs 4WD in Texas or south California?

    I wouldn’t mind a Mini for the economy and coolness factors; I’ve heard they’re roomy enough for tall people. But for now I’ll stick with the minivan.

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