Pete vs Frank

I love hot sauce. I normally have at least three different kinds of Tabasco waiting to use when needed. But I like variety.

A recent Sunday newspaper provided me with a 50c coupon for use on a bottle of Frank’s. So when I was out grabbing something else at our nearby supermarket, I thought I’d pick up a bottle. Alas, Frank’s bottle was priced roughly double what Texas Pete’s was – even after the coupon. So Pete won out.

And I had to point out to you that Texas Pete is not from Texas. He’s brewed in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Flavor? Pete’s is milder than Tabasco. I like it enough to recommend that you add it to your hot sauce arsenal. (Apologies that I haven’t yet tried Frank’s.)

This post is inspired by my blogging friend James Taylor. He said, “I literally put Tabasco sauce on everything…”

Finally, apologies to my overseas readers – I’m guessing Texas Pete has not taken his sauce outside these borders.


7 Replies to “Pete vs Frank”


    FWIW, I tend to use Texas Pete’s on chicken sandwiches and chicken strips. But I only use Frank’s Red Hot on buffalo wings.

    Thanks for the shout out, Paul!

  2. I enjoy hot sauce on everything except ice cream (and I don’t eat ice cream anymore!).

    Cholula is good, Texas Pete is too, but I like Louisiana brand hot sauce quite a bit, lots of bang for the buck. Tabasco’s Jalapeno, the green stuff, is terrific too!

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