Don’t go there

Yes, it’s true – I think Starbucks just made a mistake.

I get their weekly emails, and last week’s featured their new flavored coffees: “Natural Fusions“.

I’m showing my bias here – I don’t like flavored coffees to start with. (Those Frappuccinos and such – well, that’s a different matter. I like those. But they aren’t really coffee.) But my take is that those who like flavored coffee (or flavoured, if you are in the English-speaking part of the world) should add syrup to their freshly-brewed cup. Just like your neighborhood coffee bar would.


2 Replies to “Don’t go there”

  1. I don’t like most roasts sold in the US anyway, so I’d just as soon have a flavor in them. I often mix plain coffee with flavored for my own use (about 1:3 or so). Haven’t figured out how to replicate the smooth, delicious flavor of the perked coffee of my youth in Colombia. Maybe I should get a percolator.

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