Don’t go there

Yes, it’s true — I think Starbucks just made a mistake.

I get their weekly emails, and last week’s featured their new flavored coffees: “Natural Fusions”.

I’m showing my bias here — I don’t like flavored coffees to start with. (Those Frappuccinos and such — well, that’s a different matter. I like those. But they aren’t really coffee.) But my take is that those who like flavored coffee (or flavoured, if you are in the English‐speaking part of the world) should add syrup to their freshly‐brewed cup. Just like your neighborhood coffee bar would.


2 Replies to “Don’t go there”

  1. I don’t like most roasts sold in the US anyway, so I’d just as soon have a flavor in them. I often mix plain coffee with flavored for my own use (about 1:3 or so). Haven’t figured out how to replicate the smooth, delicious flavor of the perked coffee of my youth in Colombia. Maybe I should get a percolator.

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