More lessons from hot sauce


I was amazed when I read the new slogan for Frank’s Red Hot Sauce: “I put that on everything.” And to emphasize their point, they have put a giant splash in the middle of the slogan – underlining a lack of finesse in applying their hot sauce.

Lesson? A reminder to me about not applying one criteria to everything. It’s so easy to stereotype – when we see someone who is different than us, we like to put them in a box. That slogan also goes against American culture’s trend to niche everything. I’m surprised it successfully ran through Frank’s approval committee.

By the way, I love hot sauce. I don’t apply one kind to everything – or hot sauce to everything. Thus, I have about five bottles in my arsenal, ready for use on various dishes.


3 Replies to “More lessons from hot sauce”

  1. Oooh, have you ever been to Trinidad? We had the BEST hot sauce in Trinidad! Colin got MAD crazy and bought like 20 bottle back in our luggage… They sell them at roadside stands in old Gatorade bottles. It’s all homemade. OH it is fiery hot. I can hardly eat it but I love it.

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