Language is important

You know that.

But I’m reminding you. Visiting another country, where your language is not the primary language, is a good way to remember that language is important.

In Malaysia, Bahasa Malay is the main language. English is very common, but Bahasa is the preferred way of communicating.

“Easy” is a campaign or product for one of the banks there. I had to ask a local what the billboard (and storefronts) were advertising. The non-verbal cues were not enough for me to figure it out. (Apparently, it’s a form of quick banking.)

Interestingly, in Kuala Lumpur, some advertising is in English, and some is in Bahasa. I guess it depends on the target audience.


5 Replies to “Language is important”

    1. Ha! I had to go to Google Translate to figure that one out. What’s new? It’s snowing! And apa yang baru untuk anda?

      1. Not much, but I wanted to say it. Studied Indonesian years ago. I don’t know how the two are different, because they seem quite similar.

        By the way, Corelle is breakable. A shattered bowl just as I was replying.

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