You’ve got to let them go

Our oldest son, Jay, is 17. He will be gone from our home not long from now. Hard to imagine – but it’s something many of my friends and their kids have already been through, so I know it’s do-able.

Anyhow, my little point for today’s lesson* is that you have to let your kids try things that other parents may consider risky. (That’s Jay up there in that crevice of the rock.) Heather struggles a bit more with what others think than I do. (We’re a good balance for each other!) But she is sometimes more willing to let the little birds leave the nest than I.

Parenting always involves stretching boundaries, on the part of both parents and kids. Let’s be willing to let the other try things and sometimes fail.

* And I’m preaching to myself on this one too. You know that by now.


2 Replies to “You’ve got to let them go”

  1. That is so true Paul! Gavin is growing up so fast and now that we are on a ranch he is off and gone most afternoons. He and friends on the ranch have built a fort and been having so much fun! They are also learning a bunch too. I just have to take a deep breath and say “have a good time and don’t chop off any appendages!”. So far my advice is being heard. (:

  2. When I was a new father I was given a book “The 60 second father” full of quotes. The one that I remember is this, “children are like crops – you raise them and they go away”. I wonder how I’ll cope though?

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