Unclaimed $100

(Yes, I know you’re wondering, has Paul gotten into spam? No, I haven’t.)

During my last year of college, I made a bet with my roommate. It was a significant bet. It was perhaps the only real financial bet I’ve ever made (in the strict definition of betting). I bet him $100 that ten years after we graduated from college, I would be more into classical music than I was into rock.

It was based on my love affair with the Andante movement of Mozart’s 40th Symphony. To this day, in my opinion, it’s one of the finest musical creations ever. Even though I’ve heard it tons of times, it still evokes deep emotion within me.

But alas, I lost the bet. Rock is still my first love. If you like, compare rock to cotton candy (UK: candy floss), but it keeps me consistently coming back for more.

So Brian Wells, if you are reading this, shoot me an email and I’ll send you $100. (Sadly, I lost track of him several years ago.)


6 Replies to “Unclaimed $100”

  1. With all due respect to our UK friends, who sometimes have zany names for things… “candy floss”???
    Candy that you clean between your teeth with? I guess our name would be equally zany to them, though… Candy made from cotton?

  2. Is that the adante For strings that was in the Platoon soundtrack? That one makes me cry….
    But it’s still rock and roll for me, too.

    Cotton candy is “daddy’s beard” in French. Go figure.

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