How pure are you?

cigaretteWhen you put money into a retirement fund, do you check if that fund supports the tobacco industry?

If you buy baby formula, do you check if that company markets their formula aggressively to new mothers in developing countries – at the expense of their children’s health?

It’s hard to be pure in this world. Most decisions end up being the best of the mix we can find. Or we may not examine all the factors that go into a decision.

I’m often too lazy to examine my decisions. And sometimes I know the potential downsides to a decision, but I make it anyway.

My friend Tim Gier, a vegan, makes most of his decisions with a very focused approach. I admire that.

What’s a decision you made that you later regretted?


4 Replies to “How pure are you?”

  1. Hi Paul,

    In a complex, confusing and interconnected world, where every decision to do right seems tied up with some other kind of wrong, I appreciate the clarity, brevity and honesty you bring to the equation. Thank you for all you do.


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