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Recycling at IKEAI love IKEA. But they did not get their trash cans right. What are blue recyclables and what are green recyclables?

If I’m the only one with that question, no problem. My guess is that others might be confused too. Many cumulative staff hours must have been spent on explaining which kind of objects go into each bin. And many people probably were just confused and threw recyclables into the trash bin.

The very simple solution would be to have diagrams of types of objects that go into each bin.


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    1. I think their hope is that people will separate their recyclables. If they did it properly, it would save them money. But I doubt any customers do their sorting correctly.

  1. Those colors correspond exactly to the cans I have from my city: black for trash, blue for anything recyclable, and green for garden waste, which I suppose is also recyclable in a way.

  2. in our town + most of Flanders (+/- 4 million people) , we recycle paper + cardboard — plastic bottles + tetra brik + cans — compost — and plastic wrappers and containers.These are collected at our house, almost anything else, you have to bring to a recycling center and pay for your waste… the most expensive is for non-recyclable goods. old furniture and house-hold goods that are in good shape, you can get rid of for free if they are still in reasonably good condition.
    as for now, households don’t have nuclear waste (yet?)

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