Cameras have come so far

Rickenbacker guitarI love digital cameras. I’ve owned something like eight different cameras over the course of roughly ten years. I keep upgrading, as they continue to get more powerful. My latest is a Sony DSC H70, which I’ve had since about June 2011. I made the switch from a beautiful little Canon, as I wanted to zoom while taking video. (We no longer use a traditional video camera for taking family videos.)

My Sony is a just few steps above a basic point-and-shoot, and yet it takes HD video and renders amazing sharpness in very low-light situations, such as when I shot this bass guitar. (This unretouched shot was taken while someone was playing this bass!)

A huge factor in my purchase of a digital camera is that it must fit in my pocket. If I have to carry around a huge honking camera, I guarantee I would take less photos than I take now. “In the ballpark” quality is better than no shot at all.


5 Replies to “Cameras have come so far”

  1. “In the ball­park” qual­ity is bet­ter than no shot at all.

    That’s wisdom for many areas of life where the search for perfections results in inaction. In most things an “in the ballpark” action beats no action at all.

  2. Johanna – agreed. Slickness is not always a virtue.

    Rich – also agreed. It’s often better to get something done than waiting for everything to be perfect!

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