Local Food and Local Music

The Bell JarI know some people that are really into local food. And the reasons to eat food grown locally are good:

– You’re saving a ton of fossil fuels, since the food has not been flown from South America or Africa.

– It’s probably fresher.

– You’re supporting local farmers.

Why not apply the same principles to local music? By asking the bands you see to drive all over the country, they are using a lot more fuel than local musicians do in bringing their art to you.

Obviously, this analogy breaks down.If you restrict your diet to only local food, in many parts of the world, you’ll never taste a mango or a papaya. And with music, if you’re an American, you’ll never hear the rich sounds of many British bands.

I do want you to come out to support your local musicians. (The band is The Bell Jar. Local to my town. And good.)


4 Replies to “Local Food and Local Music”

  1. Like everything else, good in moderation, crazy if taken to extremes. I wouldn’t want to drive only locally-produced cars!

    I am, however, in favor of supporting local authors! 🙂 Hope all’s well.

  2. If only San Antonio had a music scene, this would work for me. Alas, unless you’re a huge mariachi fan, SA has little to offer in terms of live music. Fortunately, Austin is only a 90-minute drive.

  3. Rich: Moderation is huge! Oh that I could be moderate in everything. And all is well – I hope the same is true for you.

    Bill: Very true! It’s good to be able to go somewhere that does have great live music.

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