The Instagram Effect

Instagram has totally changed how people take and enjoy photos. It has changed how people share their world with others.

Photo comparison - left is standard and right is via photo app

Instagram is a photo app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. You take a photo, run it through a filter and then share it with others via Twitter, Facebook or email.

After the filter (right) is normally way more appealing than before. Think of adding salt to your meal.

Before Instagram – and the amazing quality of the camera that’s in the iPhone 4S – a pro would have to summon all their Photoshop skills to improve a picture that Instagram does with just one click.

The knockout combination of the iPhone 4S and Instagram means that normal people can produce amazing photos without having to carry around a phone and a camera.

Give it a shot.

Footnote: Camera Awesome and Dynamic Light are apps that are similar to Instagram. They provide sometimes better effects than Instagram but have weaker sharing features. This photo of our bedroom ceiling was taken with Camera Awesome. So far, Dynamic Light is my favorite of the trio. It’s the only one that’s not free – but it’s only 99c.