Standard – and good

Sign: Beer: $3, Good Beer: $4Last fall we went to Aspen for a weekend getaway. (We did not take a private jet – just our minivan.)

One evening meal was at a fairly humble pizza place. I loved their drinks menu: “Beer: $3, Good beer: $4.”

All too rarely do we communicate that bluntly. It’s a good thing to do so, as long as we don’t hurt others in our blunt communication.

One friend observed, “You get mad at things, I get mad at people.” She said it in a complimentary way. (And I thanked her.)


3 Replies to “Standard – and good”

  1. Did you visit the Home Plate? What was our hotel called, anyway? I’d love to get back to Aspen.

    Good beer. That’s really cool.

    1. I don’t think the Home Plate is still around. You and I spent our summer together at the Aspen Chalet. (Great memories!)

      Heather and I stayed there for our anniversary in the summer of 2010, I think. It has been updated, but the same family runs the place. We saw the couple who opened the place at church, that Sunday. (Same location – different name.)

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