Family skiing

On the chairlift at SolVistaHeather and I skipped work last Friday. We went skiing at SolVista. It’s a family ski area that’s not the closest to Denver, but still within easy driving distance of our home in the suburbs.

We had a great time. The slopes are gentle and smooth. Ben and I loved cruising down one slope as fast as we could – repeatedly. And it’s uncrowded, so we had no fears of any life-threatening accidents.

Rachel, our youngest, did fine, even though she hasn’t been skiing very much. She was able to drift through the trees and navigating a fun course for kids that included skiing through a small “barn.” Jay, our oldest and most adventurous son, had fun doing several stunts in the terrain park.

I know a lot of hard-core skiers and snowboarders would turn their nose up at SolVista, but we loved it. If you’re ever in Colorado and want to have some family skiing fun, SolVista’s the place.

And a final footnote – so you can tell this is not a sponsored post – if you have the cash for a ski condo, the company that runs the resort way overbuilt, so you can get one for a relative steal.