carving of Arapaho indian council meeting from the Fort Collins Museum of DiscoveryOne of the best forms of sharing I’ve seen happens at a museum. This carving is displayed at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.* The American Indian group that owned this carving from an old tree could have kept it for themselves, locked away in a dark room. But they chose to give it to the museum so that people like you and I could enjoy seeing the commemoration of a tribal council meeting many years ago.

My dad bought an old typewriter that he donated to the Smithsonian Museum. It’s one of those events that lives deep in my memory. Sadly, he’s not alive to ask the details. Even though it would be fun to have that typewriter to display on some surface in our home, I am glad he shared it with a larger group of people.

What can you share with others that is tucked away in your dark basement closet? It may not be museum-worthy, but someone may enjoy it more than you do.

* That’s a really fine little museum. You should visit someday, if you’re ever in their neighborhood.


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  1. Not disagreeing with the point of your post, but just wondering why an ancient Arapaho tribal council would commemorate their meeting in English?

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