Competition can be bad

Advance Auto is building a new car parts store not far from our house. Nothing wrong with that – except that there are already two auto parts stores within a mile of that location. One is even just across the street!

I’ve been to both stores, and I’ve never had to wait more than two minutes to check out.

It amazes me that their corporate headquarters did not do their research before being willing to spend more than a million dollars to see this project through. The sign touts new jobs becoming available. But that’s just short-term. One of the stores will inevitably close within a few years. Those employees will lose their jobs – and maybe years of gradual small pay raises, only to have to start over.



2 Replies to “Competition can be bad”

  1. I had the same amazement when a PetCo opened just across the street from an existing PetSmart in my neighborhood. That was several years ago; both are still open. I don’t know how they are doing business-wise, but the Co seems to always have way fewer customers than the Smart.

  2. I’ve got O’Reilly and Autozone within blocks of my house. Most of the independent parts stores in Duncanville have dried up.

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