Fun for your Friday, number 6

Joe Montana loves his new Skechers shoes so much that he wants to throw them far away.

(What were the ad creators thinking?!)

Note two: these shoes are supposed to help the wearer burn more calories. Isn’t that what all sporting shoes will do – if you use them while exercising? I think they will help you burn even more calories if you continually throw them down a football field, retrieve them and repeat the process.


7 Replies to “Fun for your Friday, number 6”

  1. Maybe he’s bought enough pairs for all his friends, and he’s throwing each friend their pair? Actually, I’m sure what the ad creators had in mind was posing Montana in a way that would immediately connect in the viewer’s mind with what joe was best known for. It’s interesting to wonder though, if he were selling milk, would they have him posing this way? (throwing milk?) Or substitute whatever product you want. (diapers?) By the way, there’s been some controversy about these shoes, with some Drs worrying they cause other orthopedic problems.

  2. (No way to edit a comment once it’s submitted…) In my first sentence, I meant “brought,” not “bought.” I don’t thinking Joe will ever have to BUY any of these shoes!

  3. If you have to fetch them with your teeth, that builds agility as well as endurance.

  4. Shoes that make you ‘burn more calories’ – in my head that said, ‘shoes that are going to make your workout harder’. I wouldn’t buy them. I need things that are going to make my workout easier.

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