Teacup Ride – the movie

I read last week that Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride is going to be made into a feature-length film. Some of you might remember that Pirates of the Caribbean was originally just a ride at Disney.

So I had to ask – is the famous Teacup Ride going to be Disney’s feature-length film after that?

Photo by Vanessa Pike-Russell, used under a Creative Commons License.

And an update: my brother reminded me that there already was a Haunted Mansion movie, starring Eddie Murphy. It was so worthless that I forgot it. And maybe the fact that I never saw it pushed it even deeper into my memory banks.


5 Replies to “Teacup Ride – the movie”

    1. That article is hilarious, Bill. And it was fun to see that the writer beat me to the punch with his article. (And he took it way beyond where I did.)

  1. Remakes of stupid films seems like a bad idea. POTC have been entertaining so far. I’d like a movie inspired by the cable car that crosses the park, or the line to get into the log ride.

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