Count your blessings

british parking officerWe recently drove down to Texas for a short spring break visit. On a remote backroad in southern Colorado, a state trooper pulled me over and showed no mercy. I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of paying a shockingly high fine. My calculated risk did not pay off.

Then I remembered back to the parking wardens in Thame, Oxfordshire, England, where we lived from 1995-1998. That town of 11,000 people had a full-time parking enforcement officer. When you arrived downtown, parking had to be paid for and no parking was free.

Be thankful that you can park for free – or that you’ve driven for a while without being pulled over.


3 Replies to “Count your blessings”

    1. Great link, Elizabeth!

      And there are some things that you can only learn after making the mistake. Sadly.

      Happy afternoon/evening in the small state!

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