Do it today

Blossoms by the side of the roadAbout a week ago, Denver experienced some of the most amazing flowering spring-ness that I’ve ever seen. But it quickly started disappearing. A major wind storm blew many of the blossoms to the ground. Then a quick hailstorm finished off more of the blooms.

I was able to get out and enjoy the spring beauty by taking a bicycle ride one day. I would have regretted missing that short window of opportunity.

If you have kids, they won’t be with you for more than maybe 18 years. If you’re married, your beloved may not be with you forever. If you have a dog, she may not be at your side ten years from now. I don’t say these things to be mournful – but rather to remind you – and me – to make time to spend time with the ones we love today.


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  1. Re. the kids not being with you for more than 18 years, adult children are often still living at home with their parents. I did a google on this and saw it was even more widespread than I expected. One in five adult children in the US still live with parents, and 44 percent of adults 20-29 in Canada! I bet some of those parents are wishing to experience the “empty nest.” However, your point is still a good one.

    1. Very true! I had thought of that when I wrote the post – but I didn’t want to complicate the basic point. And we’re hoping that ours leave at around age 18-19. As much as we love them, we also want them to grow up. But I do understand many of the factors that would cause someone to need to return to their parents’ home.

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