No small cars

Ford Ka toy carLife just gets to be too much at times.

I was going to do a presentation at Ignite Denver 11 called, “Why You Should Drive a Small Car.” I was really looking forward to presenting. However, I am deep into the first term of a graduate degree program (two courses at once) and am continuing in my responsibilities as a dad to three kids, a husband to one woman and doing a good job for the clients of my business.

So I am hoping that I can do the presentation after the degree is finished. I’ll graduate in December 2013, if all goes as planned.

Thanks to all my friends who kindly gave me “yes” votes to allow me to be one of the Ignite presenters. I hope to call on you again after the grad degree is in the bag.


4 Replies to “No small cars”

  1. Just not a car that’s too small. I drove a Ford KA as a rental for a week. This is a small car, with everything on the inside being much closer together, only at 6ft tall I don’t get any smaller when I get into a small car. Being in Europe the car had manual transmission, so 5th gear was situated just where my left knee naturally rested (right hand drive car). It was about my worst driving experience.

    This is a little strange when you consider that the Ford KA was about the same size as the second generation Ford Fiesta, which is probably my ultimate driving experience.

    I guess that just means that my thoughts on small v big really relate to practicality. There’s no point in driving a small car if you can’t drive it properly, or if it doesn’t fit your requirements. Maybe there are some people that ‘need’ to drive the biggest pick-up on the market for their work. Or others that have 5 kids and need a huge capacity at the back, or are rubbish drivers and need something with significant crumple zones…

    1. Totally agreed, Phil.

      When we lived in the UK, I wanted to buy a first-generation Mini, but we couldn’t, as I just could not get comfortable. We ended up getting an old Nissan Sunny, which was ultra boring but super practical.

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