Sad passing

Closed storefrontA store in our neighborhood closed. I was really sad. Though I was not a big patron of Jo-Ann Fabrics, it will be missed. I don’t know of any new tenant taking over the space, which was a Safeway supermarket many years ago.

Our kids would ride their bikes or walk over to get some candy. Though there’s a convenience store a block farther, it’s just not the same. I feel bad for the surrounding businesses. They will miss some of the “halo” effect of customers Jo-Ann brought in. I am sad for employees who lost their jobs. A few may be hired at the three other locations in the Denver area. And local fabric enthusiasts will now have to travel further to get their thrills.

What recently closed business do you miss – and why?


One Reply to “Sad passing”

  1. I read your blog this morning, and then went to another blog written by a local reporter. His entry today tells about the demise of the local Arby’s restaurant. It was one of the oldest in existence, and one of only 10 left in the country with the original Conestoga wagon shape and huge, 10-gallon hat lighted sign. I only ate there occasionally, but I remember that when my mom and dad used to come out to help me with some yard work or other house-related project, my mom would go get us Arby’s sandwiches while my dad and I worked. What’s really sad is that I drove by there just yesterday and didn’t even notice the hat was missing.

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