Enjoy today by looking back

Nairobi trafficTraffic is part of life in many large cities around the world. The traffic in the busiest of USA cities is nothing compared to the grid-lock that affects many urban centers, particularly in the “developing world.”

I loved our years in Nairobi, Kenya, but I do not miss the traffic. And it’s probably twice as bad as when we left in 2007. The roads were built to accommodate about 1/10 of the traffic they carry. So today it may take two hours to get somewhere that used to take 10 minutes, when we lived there in the mid-1990s.

I am very thankful to live in boring suburban Denver, when it comes to not having to regularly sit in mind-numbing Nairobi traffic.

Looking back at the past made me thankful for today. What experience are you glad that’s in your past and not part of your present?

I took the photo while sitting in traffic. At least sales people would peddle their wares while you were sitting there. Sometimes that was a pleasant diversion. I also wrote about Nairobi traffic when we lived there.


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  1. You may remember how far I drove from my home in Pomona to the WBT office in Huntington Beach. After Wycliffe moved away, I took another job in Orange County. For about 17-18 years I commuted 80 miles a day in rush hour traffic. Finally I decided that was enough. For the past 10 years I’ve been working at home, and although I make less money, I don’t for a minute regret giving up that drive. It’s just not worth it!

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