Take a break

detail of giant sundialThis is just a quick reminder that you need to give yourself a break. And even a small break is better than no break.

A few weekends ago, Heather and I took a one night break from normal life. It was so refreshing. Just being in a different place than our suburban home was enough to refresh our souls. We took the opportunity to talk about things that wouldn’t fit into normal days’ discussions.

So if you haven’t taken a break for a while, do whatever it takes and get away. You won’t regret it.

I snapped this photo in the “back yard” of the place we stayed. It was part of a huge sundial that someone built more than fifty years ago.


8 Replies to “Take a break”

  1. Sometimes taking a break can backfire on you. I went on a vacation at the beginning of July, visiting family and friends in the San Francisco area. Ever since, I’ve had a lot of trouble getting back into the swing of things at home – work, home and personal. I’m restless, wanting to get away, move away, do something different with my life. It’s not quite the right time yet, so I’m feeling stuck. If I hadn’t gone on vacation, I might not have noticed!

  2. I went years without a real vacation except the occasional extended weekend. Then a few years ago I drove the kids out to California for a couple of weeks. In the last couple of years I’ve taken a total of 12 weeks of vacation in Colombia. The first week was life-changing, because I met Alicia again 35 years after meeting her in tenth grade.

  3. And the train conductor says,
    “Take a break, driver VIII,
    Driver VIII, take a break,
    We’ve been on this shift too long.”

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