Your tax dollars at work

A fixed crack in the sidewalkI rode my bike to the shop to pick up our car. County employees recently ground the edges of sidewalk cracks to smooth transitions between each slab of concrete. (Freezing and thawing water wreaks havoc on Colorado’s roads and sidewalks.)

My tax dollars paid for those repairs. I’m glad.

I have lived in other parts of the world where I could not see much government expenditure on local infrastructure. I’m thankful to live in a place where I can see positive results of money I give to the government.

Sometimes I like to focus on the good they’re doing rather than the things I wish they’d do differently. There is a lot of good.


One Reply to “Your tax dollars at work”

  1. I walked through a park in Duncanville (the area around the library and city offices) one day, and reflected on how nice it was to have beautiful public spaces. I enjoy driving on great roads and visiting state and national parks. When a tree fell in my back yard last summer, I cut it up and put the limbs and chunks on the curb. They disappeared a few days later, thanks to Duncanville’s trash service.

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