Lessons from a homeless person

Duct tape car window repairHomeless people can be very resourceful.

Spending $250 to replace a broken side window in a 20-year old car is not an option if you are living in that car. Duct tape makes a strong and waterproof seal, if only temporary. The total expenditure was about 50c. Maybe sun will destroy the tape in six months, but then the owner will just need to re-tape the window. They’ll have the opportunity to use a new and different patterned tape!

The lesson I learned is to be resourceful. When you don’t have an option, creating a solution that’s “not perfect” is often perfect.


2 Replies to “Lessons from a homeless person”

  1. Duct tape is about $7 a roll unless you get it at Dollar Tree.

    There are lots of things that are fine with cheap temporary fixes. As Ken Pike said, “Some things are worth doing poorly.”

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