Investing in cash register tape

My next investment will be in a company that produces cash register tape. Their profits must be growing as fast as the length of tape I get with each new purchase. Print may be dying, but not in that area of the paper marketplace.

I am glad that many store sales people ask whether I want a receipt. I love it when they ask before printing one out.

Companies are fooling themselves in thinking many people will read cash register tape marketing messages. Today’s marketplace is so crowded with information that it’s good to be as strategic as possible in where you put your messages. This throw-away item is not one of the best marketing message channels.

By the way, this receipt – over 18″ long – was for just one item. And to set your mind at ease, I won’t put my money in cash register company stock.


4 Replies to “Investing in cash register tape”

  1. I’m with you on the ridiculous length of these store receipts, partly because they put their survey info added to the receipt, with a long explanation and disclaimers. I don’t know the percentage of customers who actually go online & do the survey, but it must be very small, not enough to justify the paper wasted. However, realizing you were not seriously recommending investing in the receipt paper companies, that would not be a good investment, as trade practices are rapidly moving away from doing things this way.

  2. I agree, to a point. I love places that use square as a POS system. However, I think there is a huge, I untapped potential in what can be done with the tape. It is such a throwaway item that mist retail marketers just haven’t thought of it yet.

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