Starbucks should be ashamed

Starbucks plastic wasteI took this photo outside a local Starbucks. Why don’t they offer a recycling bin for just the plastic cups?

“Garbage and recycling bins, water filtration systems, shipping pallets, sheeting and automotive battery casings are just a few of the products that can be made out of recycled polypropylene.” (Source.)

Starbucks has said they are committed to the environment. But they are not committed to recycling – at least in my part of Colorado. C’mon, big guys – step up and do this – all over the USA, at least.

And here’s the beauty of feedback… I linked to this post on Facebook, and a friend reminded me of a great action in response to Starbucks’ failing. We can help them. Bring your own mug or cup!


3 Replies to “Starbucks should be ashamed”

  1. I’m far from an environmentalist and I’ve asked this for years as I often get bottled drinks.

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