Great coffee

cafe-buesteloCafe Bustelo is not great coffee. But it is when you brew it the right way. Read on…

1. Use 1/3 very finely ground espresso coffee, such as Cafe Bustelo. Lavazza makes some better ground espresso coffee, but it costs twice as much.

2. Use 2/3 of your regular coffee.

3. If you like to save money, use 1/3 of your regular coffee and mix it with 1/3 of some ultra-cheap stuff. (I definitely avoid brands like Folgers, but if you go to Big Lots, you can pick up some decent coffee for very little cash.)

4. Mix your dry coffees and put the blend in an air-tight container that you’ll store in your freezer.

5. Use a coffee press. Put one tablespoon of coffee per cup of finished coffee. Pour boiling water over the fresh grounds. This step is important – use a big plastic spoon to stir the coffee and hot water mix. Then let it steep for five minutes before you push the press down.

6. Pour whatever coffee you aren’t going to drink right away into a thermos.

7. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I am lazy. I do not grind my beans unless someone gives them to me that way.


5 Replies to “Great coffee”

  1. Footnote: I bought the Cafe Bustelo for about $3.65 at Big Lots. You simply must check out Big Lots, if there is a store in your town.

  2. I have a coffee press, but always forget to use it. At work they have a pod maker, so I have reloadable pods that have worked well for me.

  3. Seems like a lot of work for something that’s so bitter and awful (can you tell I’m not a coffee drinker?). 😀

      1. I have occasionally tried to acquire that taste (not smoking) because I actually like the aroma of coffee. But it’s not for me. Oddly enough, neither my brother or sister-in-law like it either, even though both sets of our parents drank coffee almost religiously. But maybe it’s one of those generation-skipping things, because one of my two nieces does drink Starbucks, as long as it is dosed up with milk and sugar!

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