Get together

brother and sisterIt was great to see my sister and her husband during the Thanksgiving holidays. Even though we had just over two days together, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing each other.

It can be costly – or there may be many rivers to cross before you see each other – but it’s worth it to make it happen. There are priceless experiences you already share. This time, you might create some new family memories!


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  1. I, too, had family visiting for Thanksgiving – my brother, sister-in-law and their two grown daughters – just for 3 days. My mother was there also, and I couldn’t help but think that this may be our last holiday season with her. And who knows how much longer the nieces will be with us so completely? They are getting to the age of starting their own lives and families, and soon we might have to share them with their own in-laws. It’s so important to make precious memories while we can.

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