The humble brag

Humble brag (n) — to brag about how humble you are.

I often fall into this trap. Readers of this blog have seen me brag about how humble I am, many times. “I save money this way, so I’m better than those who don’t.” “I’m more environmental than the people who drive that kind of vehicle.”

Humble‐bragging is obnoxious to anyone who detects it. And as T Bone Burnett sang, “It’s a funny thing about humility, As soon as you know you’re being humble, You’re no longer humble.”

Having said that, let me launch into a humble brag.

an entry-level bikeA recent Wall Street Journal article on triathlons had a sidebar featuring recommended equipment. the “entry‐level” road bike was $1,449. that freaked me out a little until I realized that their normal readers are in a class where that price is entry‐level.

Across the page, the featured mountain bike cost $11,000 (with an integrated hydration system).

My humble brag: my road bike is worth a lot less than $1,449. But I know that having both a road bike and a mountain bike puts me into the 1%. So there goes my humility.


2 Replies to “The humble brag”

  1. I think it takes more than more than having both a road & mountain bike to get you into the 1%. Or maybe you were just talking about 1% o bicycle owners.

    1. Though it sounded like I meant “the 1%” in the traditional sense of the phrase, I meant that less than 1% of the world has the luxury of owning both a mountain bike and a road bike.

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