Seared conscience

titles-on-billDuring the new year’s holidays, we broke away from normal life for a family overnight at a nearby hotel. It was a fitting way to see in the new year. We had a great time. The kids spent half the time swimming. Heather and I joined them some but enjoyed reading a bit by the side of the pool.

One of the times they were swimming, I did a little channel surfing in the room. I was shocked to see the way the default channel advertised “risque” movies. It basically said, “Rent whatever you like – it will not appear on your bill.” Implication – your spouse or boss will not know how you spent that lonely hour or two.

Reality (I hope) – your conscience will know how you spent that lonely hour or two. Or if your conscience is seared enough that it won’t bother you, the ripple effects later will. I’ve seen that secret habit destroy two marriages. It’s not worth it.


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