I’m too practical


Some people are artistic. Some people are practical. Some people are both. Even though I am an artist (graphic designer) by training and partly by profession, I tend toward the practical side.

So when we visited this home I was struck by the beauty of the familial display on the master bedroom’s dresser.

My dresser is cluttered with little things that have nothing to do with beauty – and everything to do with life – keys, wallet, sunglasses and camera.

What’s on your dresser?


5 Replies to “I’m too practical”

  1. That would drive me crazy. All I see when I look at that display is how many frames need to be moved and dusted. That is how I grew up, with knick-knacks and pictures placed on every space available. In my adult life I react. I fear it paints me in an nonsentimental light.

  2. Not much on my dresser. It’s glass-topped, and the cat likes to sleep there in hot weather, so if I don’t clear it, he will!

  3. A pottery vase and a small bowl with some inexpensive jewelry. A friend of mine once said that she can’t take visual noise. I think that’s a good way to describe it.

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