You just gotta laugh


You can react to something by laughing or by getting upset. I choose to laugh. (I wish I would choose to laugh a lot more than I do!)

This was one instance when laughter won out…

My sister, her husband and three children were visiting. We had a fabulous time together. Jacques, the youngest, is not quite two. He’s very curious – and is figuring out what life is about. (But then I’m not young, and I’m still figuring that out.) A byproduct of his curiosity is that he was into everything. The vast majority of our frig magnet collection disappeared. No worries – I figured they would show up again at some point.

So Heather noticed something out of the ordinary as she glanced at our heater vent. She took it off and discovered the missing magnets! Jacques had taken them and pushed each one through the slots – maybe like a vending machine.

We all had a good laugh!