Car fun

BMW i3Two of my kids recently joined me for a fun day at the Denver Auto Show. Even though Rachel may not be considered a typical car fan, she loved our time together. Part of the appeal for her was free promotional stuff. Car2Go gave her lip balm, Scion provided headphones, and we shared the Visa gift card I got for test driving a new Lincoln crossover. (I was surprised at how much I liked the small SUV.)

We enjoyed pushing buttons and seeing and feeling the design of cars I had only experienced through magazines and websites. There is a lot to be said for real life compared to photos. Even though Ben disagreed with me, Jaguar’s interiors seemed to have no where near the quality compared to BMW or Mercedes. And Maserati’s rich design details showed a depth of emotion that German cars can’t touch. Though owning such cars will never be part of my life, I appreciate the beauty and technology they represent. (The photo shown is the BMW i3, a new electric car. BMW was kind enough to let the public experience the interior, though the car is not yet for sale.)

So go to the nearest car show. Even if you’re not a “car person,” you might enjoy a no-pressure test drive of a car you would never buy.