I will not lie for you

Blu e-cigarette adIt is amazing to think that electronic cigarettes will allow you to take your freedom back. Nicotine addiction is a prison, of sorts. Yes, e-cigarettes will allow you to smoke in public (though that is being debated). They will allow you to have freedom from the poisons of tar and some of the other harmful toxins in tobacco smoke. But are they a path to freedom? I don’t think so.

I’m not here to tell you that tobacco is evil. I know it brings pleasure – and yet it kills you. My coffee each morning is laced with a minor toxin, caffeine. And since my mother and several of her brothers died from heart diseases, if I were only concerned about my health, I would kick that habit. Alas, I choose pleasure.

What I am here to say is that if I have a choice, I will not spend my hours marketing something that I could not sell to a friend. I also know that not everyone has the luxury of choosing how they spend their working hours. And I do not condemn those who spend their hours working on something they don’t totally believe in. As a friend said a long time ago, “Why do you think they call it work?”

If you are curious, I do spend my working hours on stuff I believe in. And I definitely consider that to be a privilege.

(And the title of this post was inspired by a song by James Taylor.)


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  1. I am too lazy to google-research this, but I recall having heard that the FDA was slow to react to these, but they are now figuring out the necessary regulations. Anyhow, the idea of electronic cigs seems ridiculous to me, although I understand the “safer alternative” concept (allegedly “safer”). What’s next “e-beer”? “E-fries”? “E-cola”? (Wait, that last one already sounds dangerous.)

    1. It does seem that these days, the government responds after a new law is passed. That is certainly the case with the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.

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