It’s not worth it

nature box snacksFree is something that sometimes motivates me. Who doesn’t want to get something without paying for it, as long as it’s not stolen?

But few things are really free.

I subscribed to the snack service Graze for free. The snacks were OK, but were priced far more than the tastier (and less healthy) snacks I buy at the grocery store. Also, more than one-fourth were not tasty. So I unsubscribed before the trial period ended.

An ad for Nature Box on This American Life*motivated me to visit their site. I concluded that it was too similar to Graze to make me want to hassle with unsubscribing later.

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If you are a frequent reader of Shiny Bits of Life, you know that I love cars. And since car manufacturers have deep pockets, they throw the occasional free promotion at people like me. One of my favorite free things was a test drive of the latest 3-series, when BMW was doing a national promotional tour. No sales person sat next to me while I pushed the car to its limits. A free cap was waiting at the end of the ride.


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* This American Life is a podcast and radio show on National Public Radio, for people outside of the USA.


3 Replies to “It’s not worth it”

  1. Three comments:

    1) I had graze in the UK for a while. It gave me the chance to try foods that I wouldn’t normally try and made sure the afternoon snack was more fruit than chocolate based. I did stop after a while because, once I tried the new stuff, I worked out I could buy it for less at the local supermarket.

    2) This American Life is brilliant. Podcast comes highly recommended.

    3) The limits you pushed the 3-series to. Were those the limits of the car or the law? Second thoughts, don’t answer that!

  2. I usually regret trial periods because I have forgotten to cancel more than once. But they can come in handy for things like creating a will.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Phil & Tim.

    Phil, I did break the speed limit, just a wee bit. And my fear of the law would not allow me to push the limits of the car as much as I wanted to.

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