Creativity vs. Practicality

cabin-camperFort Collins is full of creative people. I’d bet that your town is too.

My son Jay took this photo on one of the residential side streets of Fort Collins. I’m guessing that the owner of this Toyota uses his (or her) cabin-camper as daily transportation. Obviously, it’s not as practical as a boring sedan for daily use. But it has a huge amount of character. The artist who made this dwelling/vehicle chose to favor creativity instead of practicality.

That’s what art is all about. The beautiful painting that graces your wall is not practical. But it is, in a way – beauty feeds the soul. A healthy soul makes for a better functioning life. And that’s practical.


One Reply to “Creativity vs. Practicality”

  1. In Lawrence, a friend had a wooden camper on his truck. He was a carpenter, so the camper served the purpose of storage for his tools and of advertisement for his business, although I don’t think he had a sign on it.

    My wife and I have been talking a lot about how our yard is drab and overgrown. It depresses us and puts off potential buyers. (The house is on the market.) Putting some time and money into landscaping will make our life better and the house more marketable.

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