It just isn’t the same

Live music is something many of us greatly miss in the wake of Covid.

An alternative has been tossed over the fence – live streaming.

I’m sorry, but it’s just not the same. (No one said it would be.)

Often, what’s already out there on YouTube is better than a streaming show you might see. And you’ll probably see some actual crowds.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for supporting musicians! A good solid alternative is to go to their page on Bandcamp and buy some music or merchandise.

I just did. And since our cars are old enough to have CD players, some sweet new tunes will be playing in a few weeks – with better sounds than Spotify can deliver.

Aimee Giese, a Denver friend, spent a good amount of time compiling a page with links to support Denver musicians. You can buy lots of fun merch from a wide variety of artists.

If anyone out there has another similar page, please put the link in the comments. Thanks.


2 Replies to “It just isn’t the same”

  1. I spent nearly the same amount as my refunded gig tickets to book Cameos with one of my fav musicians! I gifted a couple of fellow fan buddies and it was an awful lot of fun. NOTHING can replace a live show. The lack of hope for live music soon really gets me down.

    1. Thanks, Chris! That was a creative way to give back.

      And I’m hopeful that the day will return soon when we can see live music again.

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