Estate Sales Are Great

I have this rule that whenever I see an open house at a home on the routes I regularly take to get places, I will go.

An even better alternative to the fun involved in touring a stranger’s home is an estate sale.

Today, I was riding my bike back from a long errand and saw an estate sale on one of my normal routes.


This one was excellent. Sadly, the former residents had moved out probably due to the death of the remaining member of the older married residents. You can see posts on my Instagram feed in the next week or so that reflect this presumption.

The house and the former residents’ belongings were a time capsule from the 1970s.

And I bought a harmonica for $3. (The same one goes for about $25 on ebay.)

What a great way to capture some of the fun of my childhood.

(I never became a true harmonica player… but when I was a kid, harmonicas were something that kids loved, even if they couldn’t play.)

A final sad note… at least one of the former residents of this home was a hoarder. Besides the remaining harmonicas for sale numbering about seven, the homeowner had accumulated six chainsaws! And that doesn’t even count any that may have sold.

(If it’s broken, get a new one and keep the old one.)