Great transport idea


Sometimes you just have to get there in a car. But buying a car is hugely expensive. Even if you get an ancient beast, the repair costs can break your bank.

There’s a way around this. It’s the Occasional Car Club. You pay an hourly rate and 24c a mile, which includes gas and insurance. It’s a great thing if you just need a car for a few hours and aren’t going far. This spreads car ownership across more people than just you. If this caught on, fewer cars would have to be made.

This concept is already working in Europe. My buddy Rob, who lives in Stuttgart, Germany, is part of such a plan.

It’s not for everybody (and obviously you have to live where something like this is offered) – but it would be a great thing for some people!

By the way, the cool car shown in the above pic – and on their website – is not available for rental.