Where possible, add creativity


I had to stop when I passed this bicycle. What a cool tire!

The manufacturer could have stuck with a standard (boring) tread pattern but instead opted for this fun flower pattern, reflecting the pattern used on the fenders.

Takeaway: what are some ways you can add fun to what you create?


Hot Wiring Your Creative Process


Hot Wiring Your Creative Process is a book by Curt Cloniger. I skimmed it recently. (I read parts. Non-fiction is hard to read all the way through these days, unless the content is exceptional.)

One of the useful parts suggests making little cards with concepts on them to stimulate your thinking. The ideas can be actions or thoughts. The idea is to pull out a few when you are facing a creative block.

My friend Ed made some little notes – without even reading the book. (I’m guessing on that point.) Some of his ideas: “Sort out 3 things to go to a charity shop” and “Scan in a pattern”.

I hope to make some little notes for myself, along those lines. Maybe I’ll make them digitally rather than on paper. I have too much paper in my life right now.

By the way, that book is a bit expensive. I’d recommend checking it out from your library, rather than buying it. Help your tax money go to good use!