Where to give this Christmas

homeless signHomelessness is sometimes a result of mental illness. Often that is combined with substance abuse.

My friend and I encountered another friend we hadn’t seen in a year. Our not-seen friend is now homeless. No substance abuse is involved, but there are definitely some other powerful issues at play.

I’ll be talking with two friends who are experts at my church to find out some ways to help him. It’s complicated.

So this Christmastime, I think it’s a great idea to give to an organization in your area that helps the homeless. You’ll be assisting those who have reached bottom and maybe providing hope for the future.


Night in a Box

If you live in the Denver area, you might consider participating in Night in a Box. It’s an event that brings awareness on homelessness in Denver.

This is different – participants learn what homelessness is like, first-hand. If you are not brave enough to do it, you can sponsor someone who is – or donate to the cause.

In this season of giving, this is definitely a cause worth considering.